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Trysports Three Counties League

Trysports - Three Counties League

Division 4 2017/18

P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s12101144143031
2- Sonning Ladies 4's119023883027
3- Marlow Ladies 5107121711622
4- Windsor Ladies' 2s135352121018
5 Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 3's135262723417
6 Wychwood Badgers Ladies 1's125162822616
7 Oxford Hawks Ladies' 6s113531818014
8 Oxford Ladies 6s114162423113
9 Gerrards Cross Ladies 2s123451928-913
10 Reading Rogues133281437-2311
11 Witney Ladies 3s93151228-1610
12- Milton Keynes Ladies 3s11119938-294
13 January 2018
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s3-1Wychwood Badgers Ladies 1's
Milton Keynes Ladies 3s0-2Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 3's
Sonning Ladies 4's9-1Witney Ladies 3s
Gerrards Cross Ladies 2s3-1Oxford Ladies 6s
Reading Rogues0-2Marlow Ladies 5
Oxford Hawks Ladies' 6s3-0Windsor Ladies' 2s
06 January 2018
Oxford Ladies 6s4-0Reading Rogues
Frozen pitch, original date 9/12/17
Wychwood Badgers Ladies 1's5-0Gerrards Cross Ladies 2s
Frozen pitch, original date 9/12/17
16 December 2017
Windsor Ladies' 2s2-2Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 3's3-3Reading Rogues
09 December 2017
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 3's0-1Oxford Hawks Ladies' 6s
Windsor Ladies' 2s2-3Marlow Ladies 5
02 December 2017
Marlow Ladies 52-1Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 3's
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s4-1Gerrards Cross Ladies 2s
Milton Keynes Ladies 3s0-6Wychwood Badgers Ladies 1's
Windsor Ladies' 2s1-0Sonning Ladies 4's
Reading Rogues3-1Witney Ladies 3s
Oxford Hawks Ladies' 6s2-2Oxford Ladies 6s
25 November 2017
Sonning Ladies 4's4-0Gerrards Cross Ladies 2s
Windsor Ladies' 2s1-0Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 3's
Wychwood Badgers Ladies 1's4-1Reading Rogues
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s3-1Milton Keynes Ladies 3s
18 November 2017
Oxford Hawks Ladies' 6s2-2Wychwood Badgers Ladies 1's
Milton Keynes Ladies 3s1-0Sonning Ladies 4's
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 3's4-1Oxford Ladies 6s
Reading Rogues1-5Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s
Gerrards Cross Ladies 2s2-1Windsor Ladies' 2s
11 November 2017
Witney Ladies 3s1-0Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 3's
Windsor Ladies' 2s3-1Oxford Ladies 6s
Sonning Ladies 4's5-0Reading Rogues
Wychwood Badgers Ladies 1's1-2Marlow Ladies 5
Gerrards Cross Ladies 2s6-2Milton Keynes Ladies 3s
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s1-0Oxford Hawks Ladies' 6s
04 November 2017
Oxford Ladies 6s1-2Witney Ladies 3s
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 3's3-2Wychwood Badgers Ladies 1's
Milton Keynes Ladies 3s2-2Windsor Ladies' 2s
Oxford Hawks Ladies' 6s0-4Sonning Ladies 4's
Marlow Ladies 50-5Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s
Reading Rogues2-1Gerrards Cross Ladies 2s
21 October 2017
Sonning Ladies 4's2-0Marlow Ladies 5
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 3's1-6Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s
Windsor Ladies' 2s1-2Witney Ladies 3s
Milton Keynes Ladies 3s1-2Reading Rogues
Gerrards Cross Ladies 2s1-1Oxford Hawks Ladies' 6s
Wychwood Badgers Ladies 1's1-4Oxford Ladies 6s
14 October 2017
Marlow Ladies 50-0Gerrards Cross Ladies 2s
Witney Ladies 3s0-2Wychwood Badgers Ladies 1's
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s4-0Oxford Ladies 6s
Oxford Hawks Ladies' 6s5-1Milton Keynes Ladies 3s
Sonning Ladies 4's2-1Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 3's
Reading Rogues0-1Windsor Ladies' 2s
07 October 2017
Sonning Ladies 4's4-1Oxford Ladies 6s
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s7-1Witney Ladies 3s
Windsor Ladies' 2s2-0Wychwood Badgers Ladies 1's
Reading Rogues2-2Oxford Hawks Ladies' 6s
Milton Keynes Ladies 3s0-2Marlow Ladies 5
Gerrards Cross Ladies 2s3-3Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 3's
30 September 2017
Oxford Ladies 6s3-0Gerrards Cross Ladies 2s
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 3's4-1Milton Keynes Ladies 3s
Wychwood Badgers Ladies 1's3-0Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s
Windsor Ladies' 2s2-2Oxford Hawks Ladies' 6s
Witney Ladies 3s2-3Sonning Ladies 4's
Marlow Ladies 53-0Reading Rogues
23 September 2017
Oxford Hawks Ladies' 6s0-3Marlow Ladies 5
Milton Keynes Ladies 3s0-6Oxford Ladies 6s
Reading Rogues0-5Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 3's
Gerrards Cross Ladies 2s2-2Witney Ladies 3s
Sonning Ladies 4's5-1Wychwood Badgers Ladies 1's
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s4-3Windsor Ladies' 2s
Name Club Open Stroke PC Total
Eve Henshaw Wychwood Badgers 14 0 0 14
Scarlett Forest Wychwood Badgers 10 0 0 10
Naomi Cansdale Amersham and Chalfont 7 0 0 7
Heather Clements Phoenix and Ranelagh 7 0 0 7
Lauren Rollafson Amersham and Chalfont 6 0 0 6
Annabel Brown Amersham and Chalfont 5 0 0 5
Gemma Hitchin Marlow 4 0 0 4
Sue Yates Phoenix and Ranelagh 3 1 0 4
Anna Mortimer Marlow 1 2 1 4
Louise Domaille Amersham and Chalfont 3 0 0 3