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Trysports Three Counties League

Trysports - Three Counties League

Division 2 2017/18

P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- Abingdon Ladies 1s11100148153330
2 Oxford Hawks Ladies 5s117132922722
3 Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s117132420422
4 Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 3s1161435161919
5 University of Reading Ladies 4s1381441231819
6- Buckingham Ladies 3rds115242518717
7- Wychwood Ladies 1s114162028-813
8 Wycombe Ladies 3s112541725-811
9 Oxford Ladies 5s103161627-1110
10 Bicester Ladies 2s121471234-227
11- Banbury Ladies 3s102081736-196
12 Wallingford Ladies 3's101361030-206
13 January 2018
Wycombe Ladies 3s0-0Bicester Ladies 2s
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s0-4University of Reading Ladies 4s
Buckingham Ladies 3rds3-0Banbury Ladies 3s
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 3s7-0Wallingford Ladies 3's
Oxford Hawks Ladies 5s3-1Wychwood Ladies 1s
Oxford Ladies 5s0-6Abingdon Ladies 1s
06 January 2018
Buckingham Ladies 3rds2-1Oxford Hawks Ladies 5s
Frozen pitch, original date 25/11/17
Wallingford Ladies 3's1-4Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s
Frozen pitch, original date 25/11/17
University of Reading Ladies 4s4-1Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 3s
Floodlight issues, original date 4/11/17
16 December 2017
University of Reading Ladies 4s0-5Wycombe Ladies 3s
Rule 7(v)
09 December 2017
Bicester Ladies 2s5-0University of Reading Ladies 4s
Rule 7(v)
02 December 2017
University of Reading Ladies 4s3-1Abingdon Ladies 1s
Wycombe Ladies 3s3-2Wychwood Ladies 1s
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s2-1Banbury Ladies 3s
Oxford Hawks Ladies 5s4-1Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 3s
Buckingham Ladies 3rds1-1Bicester Ladies 2s
25 November 2017
Bicester Ladies 2s1-4Abingdon Ladies 1s
Wychwood Ladies 1s2-2University of Reading Ladies 4s
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 3s2-1Oxford Ladies 5s
18 November 2017
Oxford Ladies 5s4-2Buckingham Ladies 3rds
University of Reading Ladies 4s12-0Banbury Ladies 3s
Wycombe Ladies 3s1-1Wallingford Ladies 3's
Abingdon Ladies 1s5-0Wychwood Ladies 1s
Oxford Hawks Ladies 5s5-0Bicester Ladies 2s
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 3s0-1Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s
11 November 2017
Wycombe Ladies 3s0-8Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 3s
Bicester Ladies 2s3-5Wychwood Ladies 1s
Buckingham Ladies 3rds3-2Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s
Wallingford Ladies 3's0-5University of Reading Ladies 4s
Banbury Ladies 3s1-2Abingdon Ladies 1s
Oxford Hawks Ladies 5s2-1Oxford Ladies 5s
04 November 2017
Wycombe Ladies 3s3-3Buckingham Ladies 3rds
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s3-3Oxford Hawks Ladies 5s
Wychwood Ladies 1s3-2Banbury Ladies 3s
Abingdon Ladies 1s5-2Wallingford Ladies 3's
Oxford Ladies 5s3-0Bicester Ladies 2s
21 October 2017
Banbury Ladies 3s5-0Bicester Ladies 2s
Oxford Hawks Ladies 5s3-2Wycombe Ladies 3s
Abingdon Ladies 1s3-2Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 3s
Wallingford Ladies 3's2-3Wychwood Ladies 1s
Oxford Ladies 5s0-1Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s
Buckingham Ladies 3rds5-0University of Reading Ladies 4s
Rule 7(v)
14 October 2017
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s4-1Bicester Ladies 2s
Banbury Ladies 3s4-2Wallingford Ladies 3's
Wycombe Ladies 3s2-2Oxford Ladies 5s
Abingdon Ladies 1s4-1Buckingham Ladies 3rds
Wychwood Ladies 1s0-2Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 3s
University of Reading Ladies 4s2-0Oxford Hawks Ladies 5s
07 October 2017
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 3s4-1Banbury Ladies 3s
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s2-1Wycombe Ladies 3s
Bicester Ladies 2s0-0Wallingford Ladies 3's
Oxford Hawks Ladies 5s2-7Abingdon Ladies 1s
Oxford Ladies 5s1-3University of Reading Ladies 4s
Buckingham Ladies 3rds0-1Wychwood Ladies 1s
30 September 2017
University of Reading Ladies 4s2-3Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s
Banbury Ladies 3s1-5Buckingham Ladies 3rds
Wychwood Ladies 1s1-3Oxford Hawks Ladies 5s
Abingdon Ladies 1s7-1Oxford Ladies 5s
Wallingford Ladies 3's1-1Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 3s
Bicester Ladies 2s0-0Wycombe Ladies 3s
23 September 2017
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 3s7-1Bicester Ladies 2s
Wycombe Ladies 3s0-4University of Reading Ladies 4s
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s2-4Abingdon Ladies 1s
Buckingham Ladies 3rds0-1Wallingford Ladies 3's
Oxford Hawks Ladies 5s3-2Banbury Ladies 3s
Oxford Ladies 5s3-2Wychwood Ladies 1s
Name Club Open Stroke PC Total
Fiona Bethel Abingdon 18 0 0 18
Laura Dean Abingdon 12 0 0 12
Isabella Cowperthwaite Buckingham 11 0 0 11
Caitlin Halbard Amersham and Chalfont 9 0 0 9
Sherene Butler Oxford Hawks 7 0 1 8
Pip Cantwell Oxford Hawks 6 0 2 8
Lauren Such Wychwood 6 0 2 8
Ellie Desmond Abingdon 5 0 0 5
Cleo Browne Phoenix and Ranelagh 3 0 2 5
Naomi Cansdale Amersham and Chalfont 4 0 0 4