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Phoenix and Ranelagh vs Oxford 03/02/2018

Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s Oxford Ladies 5s
8 2
Trysports - Three Counties League Division 2 2017/18
Saturday, 03 February, 2018
13:00 | Reading University Sportspark
01 FPhoenix and RanelaghNaomi Ashcroft
15 FPhoenix and RanelaghNaomi Ashcroft
20 FPhoenix and RanelaghJess Greener
21 FPhoenix and RanelaghNaomi Ashcroft
37 FPhoenix and RanelaghNaomi Ashcroft
39 FPhoenix and RanelaghJess Greener
45 FPhoenix and RanelaghCleo Browne
51 FPhoenix and RanelaghJess Greener
-Naomi Ashcroft  
-Heather Boulton  
-Cleo Browne  
-Jo Coate  
-Caitlin Edgar  
-Jess Greener  
-Laura Hodder  
-Maisy King  
-Lucy Plummer  
-Genevieve Porter  
-Pam Saker  
-Mandy Wilton  



3/2/201800:00To be confirmed16/5/2017 17:13
3/2/201813:00Reading University Sportspark29/7/2017 23:08